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The Top 5 Political Liabilities That Would Sink President Obama…If He Was A Republican

A large majority of Americans believe the media is highly biased and favors Democrats—and they are correct.  One of the most blatant examples of this occurred last week, when a hot mic caught an exchange between two major media journalists preceding a Romney Press conference (if you have not seen this story yet click here).

To hear the media pre-plan, and then carry out, what amounts to a journalistic carpet bombing of Romney was outrageous.  The flip-side of this conduct of course is that President Obama is never exposed to such behavior (or hardly any tough questions).  Furthermore, when political problems do crop up, they are rarely magnified and seem to have the half-life of a may fly.

The following is, in order of …

It Doesn’t Take Much to Fool People

President Bush and Senator John McCain are both now promoting off-shore domestic drilling.  Hallelujah.  It took them long enough.

But it is, amazingly, going to yet be an uphill battle.  As long as Democrats continue to stand on weak, worthless principles, like “anywhere buy my backyard”, we’re going to have to fight for the things that make sense.

I’m not advocating we put ourselves into a position to cause the kinds of oil disasters that drove us away from drilling off the coasts of California and Florida… but we should have the technology now to provide the safeguards needed to prevent that.

However, in an area that has no people, no tourists, and no real value to people, Bush and McCain continue to oppose …

ANWR And Other Domestic Oil Sources

Bithead provides some great perspective on where we could have been Monday had Clinton the First not vetoed ANWR.  He includes reference to Henry Lamb at World Net Daily.

Indeed, Bit points out that by now, we’d have 20% more domestic oil in our supply, and likely much lower gas prices, and one could probably run the gamut on the various political impacts that could have had (including, as Bit notes, a strong economy at this point in time, and I would contend that we might have averted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).  I prefer to think that Bill lacked the crystal ball to predict the political imperatives of this time frame, including the likelihood that we’d be coming off of 8 years …

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