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Levin v. Goldman: Big Solution For a Big Problem?

Crisis On Wall StreetWhen Senator Levin says “Goldman made a lot of money by betting against the mortgage market” what do we think he might have meant? Knowing some of the political philosophy of the esteemed senator from Michigan, it is obvious that his inference was that Goldman was acting in a fashion that was either illegal or immoral. How could any American institution bet against motherhood, apple pie or the American dream of universal home ownership? And certainly the notion of ”making a lot of money” is of dubious quality on its face. The Senator is literally screaming “These people are the enemy of the state, and they need to be leashed, or chained, or imprisoned, or tortured…all for the good of the system of the people.”…

Barack Obama: Follower

Does it not bother anyone that Senator Obama’s response to the biggest financial crisis in the world in nearly 80 years is to say “If I can be helpful, I’m available”???  Is that what someone who wants to be the leader of the free world should be saying?

Barack’s still has a responsibility as a Senator from Illinois.  And yet, he thinks that his “skills” will be identified and requested if needed (which may explain all of those “Present” votes).  As President, one cannot sit back and wait for others to say “Hey, Prez, can you come over here and help us figure out how to stop World War III?”.  As a Senator, this is Obama’s golden opportunity to demonstrate the length and breadth of …

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