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What’s a Federal Government To Do?

This afternoon, my post about Iowa considering raising the Gas Tax to help pay for flood recovery was clicked into by someone on the “” network… that is, someone probably working in some congressperson’s office took a look at the post.. I have no idea who.  But less than an hour later, I notice a story (that has evidently been running at least since early morning) that the White House is now asking Congress for $1.8 Billion in disaster relief money.

And of course, Congress will add more to the request.

But with tens of billions of dollars, maybe even hundreds of billions, in damage and recovery expense across the midwest, this will end up being a small portion of the needed funds.

And, it …

Gas Tax to Pay For Flood Damage?

Legislative Leaders in Iowa are continuing to talk about a special session of the General Assembly, which makes sense. The Governor is doing a good job of expressing the need to prioritize working on the current relief effort AND establishing a solid assessment of the costs before holding a session.

The bad news is, the only option being mentioned by the media (although there are almost certainly others) is an increase in the gasoline tax. That would be a bad idea. Better to raise the sales tax than the gasoline tax. Gas prices are already creating too much of a burden for everyone… a 1% increase in the sales tax with a well planned time-limit to cover flood related needs would be more appropriate. …

Iowa General Assembly May Return

Already, Democrats (including Governor Culver) are talking about the General Assembly holding a special session in response to the flooding in Iowa.

We better have a good reason to do this.  It will cost money we don’t have.  On the other hand, there may be enough need to justify the expense, but I hope there is adequate review of that ahead of time.

That said, I’m glad that the politicians are taking strong leadership in communicating that the state will do whatever is necessary to meet the needs of displaced and otherwise affected citizens of Iowa.

I have not found enough information yet on anything FEMA is doing, although I heard Governor Culver mention that some portion of the 83 counties that have been affected …

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