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Once Again, Congress Is Exempted

Once Again, Congress Is Exempted

inside private jetThere is a continuing theme in Congress and many of our State Legislatures that what's good for goose, is only good for the goose. Take a gander. Yes, you read that right. Congressmen can fly around in private jets, and can even buy brand-spanking new ones. Even though they criticize those in the business world who do the same (remember the CEOs of the Big Three Auto companies?). The best part is, Congress does it with money that they forcibly take from us (I am loathe to call it "theft", although the temptation to do so has grown in the past six months). Businesses do it with money they earn. Earn. I think I will start a new category: Congressional Exemptions. You see, Congress is of the opinion that they are, ahem, not always obliged to conform to the same set of laws or ideals that the rest of us are. Truly. And this is due in no small part to the Constitution of the United States. Yes that very document that we hold so dear as the last vestige of solace to those that would decry a tyrannical government.
Article I, Section 6 (The Legislative Branch - Compensation): ..."They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during [...]

So, Are We Paying Attention?

I’m hoping that the fact you have come to this web site means that you care more about government than the average person.  If you care about government, how we do government, and who is doing the work of government on our behalf, then this article is for you....
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