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The New Obama Concoction: Fairness and Protection

How is it possible to resist the charms of any elected official offering the dual benefits of fairness and protection? After all, is not being treated equitably, while simultaneously being spared the pain of those who would seek to harm us, not of ultimate worth? Fairness must certainly be the quintessential American value, right? And our entire system of justice; is it not specifically designed to bring both fairness and protection?

Over the next year and a half we will hear the word fairness as if the word encapsulates the complete and final animation of the American ideal. We will also be offered a basket overflowing with governmental “protections” from rapacious bogeymen, both known and unknown. This little “benefits package” will come neatly wrapped in …

Instant Replay in Baseball: Give Me a GOOD Reason

There are a number of sports that you can still listen to on the radio and know exactly what’s going on.

There are a number of sports that are so fast paced that TV is the only way to watch, and the plays are so hard to follow even for officials, that “photo finish” or “instant replay” technologies have been incorporated into the professional versions of the sports to ensure fairness.

That is, except for Baseball.

Until now.

I don’t like to bore people with all of my pass-times, but I love watching a good baseball game.  One of my favorite things about baseball is the fully engaged human element.  4 officials on the field, with final authority on any call (although there are some …

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