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The House In Action!  DTV Switch Stays On Schedule

The House In Action! DTV Switch Stays On Schedule

Thank goodness there must have been SOME voice of reason in the US House today regarding the switch to digital television transmission and the shutting down of analog transmissions. Although the special rules required a 2/3 vote to approve, at least the House did not roll over and give in like the idiots in the Senate on Monday night (who voted for this travesty unanimously). Why is this bill a problem? Well, we understand and accept the fact that, ahem, 4% of households have not yet switched to the digital format (most simply needing a $50 converter box that the government has been providing a $40 coupon for now for over a year now. Evidently, part of the issue is the sudden delay in sending out coupons. According to the Wall Street Journal:
Republicans say the extra money isn't necessary because
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