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What Would The Founders Think?

This morning I am considering “what ifs”.

My father often jokes that had I been born 5 hours earlier, he would have named me Ulysses instead of Arthur.  That is, I could have been a 4th of July baby with the initials “U.S.”.  I have been forever thankful that my mom stuck it out long enough to prevent that impediment on my life.

Sometimes I daydream about what would have happened in my life if I had been named Ulysses instead of Arthur.  I believe I would have developed a very similar personality, but I suspect (mixing my current personality with the name) that I would have found myself running for public office at some level and leveraging my “U.S.” initials as a brand of …

Iowa Smoking Ban Remains In Effect

As mentioned here last week, Polk County District Court Judge Douglas Staskal made his ruling on the request to temporarily block Iowa’s new smoking ban on Monday.  The ruling left the door open for bar owners to to proceed with the case.  According to a story on the Des Moines Register web site:

Staskal found it “safe to conclude that the plaintiffs have at least a reasonable chance of succeeding on these claims because, on first impression, the exemptions appear to make the statute as a whole substantially under inclusive in relation to its stated purpose.”

Basically, the bar owners did not provide enough evidence that the law was causing irreperable harm:

Staskal’s 10-page ruling says complaints of lost business due to the

Supreme Court: Capital Punishment Old-fashioned

Court Scales

The court is wrong.

As Lyle observes, the court has been progressively narrowing the conditions under which the death penalty can be used. By itself, this is a frustrating fact as the court appears to be referencing reasons with less basis in law and more basis in their feelings. Lyle observes:

…the longer a Justice stays on the Court and watches capital cases come and go, the greater the prospect that capital punishment will lose another vote…

But more disturbing is …

Contest #5 Winner!

constitution_small.jpg“Geniousproductions” got the correct answer to this week’s contest!

The question was: The US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. Technically, this could have been considered an illegal act. Why?

The answer is, the Articles of Confederation required that all of the 13 states must approve any changes to the Articles.  The Constitution was not ratified by all 13 states at first, and yet the country began operating under the new Constitution despite that (accepted because the Constitution only required 3/4 of the states, or 9 at the time, for approval)… a second rebellion of sorts.

Despite breaking the “rules” to achieve this, the country got over it, and nobody is really in a position to challenge the legality of the document since eventually all …

We Have a Winner for Contest #4!

Demosthenes is this week’s winner!

You may recall the question was:

Hypothetical question: If President Bush, Vice President Cheney, House Speaker Pelosi, Senate President Pro Tempore Byrd, Secretary of State Rice, Secretary of the Treasury Paulson, Secretary of Defense Gates, Attorney General Mukasey, Secretary of Interior Kempthorne, and Secretary of Agriculture Schafer were all killed, who (today) would be next in line to become President?

The answer is Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt. Only because both Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, whose Cabinet positions are next in line after Secretary of Agriculture Schafer, are ineligible. It is required that one succeeding to the Presidency fulfill the Constitutional prerequisites for the Presidency, which includes age, birth and …

Contest #3 will continue another week…

We have not had any takers on Contest #3.  We know it requires a little more thought than the first two contests required, but it’s worth the effort.  We’ll give it an additional week and see.  Please don’t hesitate to check it out!

Contest #2 Winner!

Demosthenes is this week’s winner. He nailed the Statue of George Mason, and covered the point that he was behind the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which was a key basis for the U.S. Bill Of Rights (the first 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution).

Great job, Demosthenes, You hereby enter the Winners Circle!

One thing to point out is that Demosthenes worked very hard to find the answer, scouring the Internet to find a similar photo. We want to encourage everyone to use any resource available to them to find the answers to the contests, and enjoy the process of researching!

Stop back on Sunday for Contest #3!…

Stop The Craziness! South Carolina and Nevada, Help Us!

It seems that just when you think Mike Huckabee is seeing the light (or at least figuring out how to pretend he has), we get this…


There’s some good comments in the midst of this interview, but there’s two real issues here:

1) Huck’s comments (actually from a speech the night before) make it sound like he thinks the Constitution needs to align with the Christian Bible. Although I don’t disagree that would be nice, it’s not a reasonable way to think about the meaning and purpose of the Constitution.

2) Huck’s comments in the interview with John Roberts just inflames the issue because he doesn’t answer the question about whether the Constitution is a secular document, and then goes on to say the …

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