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Must-Read Starter For June 2009

hammer-and-sickleFor those of you who are paying attention to the headlines, General Motors is officially filing for bankruptcy protection, but the kind that only you and I could dream of being provided (could be a nightmare).  The US government is going to become a 60% owner of the company… yup, a controlling interest.

Goodbye capitalism.  At least for GM.  And anyone that still owns a Chevy, Caddy, or some other GM vehicle. 

On the positive side, the government can now start cranking out as many Cadillac limos as it does $100 bills to support the government’s activities.

On the negative side, the government can now start cranking out as many Cadillac limos as it does $100 bills to support the government’s activities.

The Press, those …

Can’t Spell? Let’s Make It E-Z On You.

This story (page 1 of Friday’s WSJ) takes the cake.  And it’s the last line that sums up why I’m frustrated by it:

We just want to make it [English] a little easier to spell.

Changing the spelling of words to be phonetically exacting is just wrong.  That way, you don’t have to know to spell “there”, “their”, or “they’re” correctly.  It would be “thair”.

It’s bad enough that many children would love a life sitting in front of video games all day without a care in the world, without a stitch of work to do, without any effort.

But it is fundamentally aggravating to see fully grown adults attempting to march the children down into that pit.

It’s not just the spelling issue itself, …

The Senate Cannot Fix The Economy

But Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) thinks it can. Living in Iowa, we occasionally receive a nice email from the Senator letting us know how he is scr- uh, helping us with his work. Here’s his latest missive, arriving just this afternoon…

Dear Friends,
Many working families are being saddled with higher costs at the grocery store and the gas pump at a time when incomes remain stagnant. People across our state are starting to have real anxiety caused by the steady drumbeat of bad news about the state of our economy, especially in the housing sector.

More than 11,000 Iowans are expected to have their home foreclosed this year. And when that “Foreclosure – For Sale” sign goes up, it can create a domino effect

Everyone Deserves To Own A House, Right?

Well, Hillary appears to be attempting to make EVERYONE happy.

More government money to rescue folks who simply bought more house than they could afford. According to a Wall Street Journal story Tuesday, Hillary proposes:

  • Freezing Forclosures for 90 days
  • Freezing Interest-rate Resets on Sub-primes for 5 years
  • Establish a $30 billion fund so states and cities can buy foreclosed properties
  • Expand the Mortgage Revenue Bond Program (provides below market interest rates for first-time home buyers) by $10 billion

Thanks so much. I’ve heard a number of people call this, appropriately, “cost-shifting”. That means one group of people (those of us who are careful to buy what we can afford) are going to take

Capitalism and open market disciplines cannot support a class of people

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