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Rick Warren’s Chat With The Candidates

I finally got time to watch a recording of Saturday night’s Saddleback Church event with Obama and McCain.  DJ made some excellent observations earlier in the week, which I thought I might supplement a bit.  If you have not seen it yet, I strongly suggest that you view this event as I think it provides the most candid view of these candidates available to date.

I don’t really know Rick Warren that well.  I have read “The Purpose Driven Life”, as have millions of others, and I did find the book helpful in my perspective on and relationship with God.  I appreciate his work on that.

Rick rang a bell I’ve been tolling here from time to time… we need to find ways to engage …

Newspaper Web Sites and Anonymous Comments

Des Moines Register columnist Rekha Basu wrote an interesting piece for today’s paper on the foibles of unrestrained and anonymous commenting on newspaper web sites, such as that hosted by the Des Moines Register.

It was a very informative piece and I think can help give some people perspective into the issue of unmoderated and anonymous commenting, the impacts it can have on people when those who abuse the forum attack others, and the opinions of those that in particular are vitriolic in their content.  The piece touches briefly on some of the driving issues behind how a newspaper determines its approach to filtering content.  It was very effective in providing significant information, an excellent job of reporting from the various stakeholders.

The piece fails, …

Online Rules Of Discourse: Could We?

About four months ago (I know, I’m a little behind catching up with some general topics), DavidL at BitsBlog shared an item from Edward Wasserman at the Miami Herald.  Wasserman’s thought was that there is a need for rules to constrain course, offensive, and threatening language on the internet, or at least the news and blogosphere.

David’s response to Ed’s commentary was not unexpected, nor inappropriate.  I agree that those who wish to maintain open content and uncensored invectives is a right that should be available to those who wish to interact in that manner.  And David is correct, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

That doesn’t change the fact that some of us see a need for rules that exist within a …

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