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Which Universe Are We In?

Space ClusterIn a recent conversation with a friend of mine, his comment was something like, “Those people on the far left must be from a different solar system.”  Another friend said, “We are living in Alternative Reality B” (referencing the line from the movie Back to the Future) where we momentarily leave the time-space continuum.   My personal take is that the far left is simply the result of a nasty turn taken on the path of evolutionary biology.  While we may still appear to be part of the same human species, liberals and conservatives will ultimately be seen as fundamentally different members of the mammalia branch.  And while I jest (but just a little), the question of what separates the “thinking” of liberals and the …

Above Reproach

Sometimes it takes several days of events to unfold in order for me to put my thoughts in order and develop a coherent article.  Such has been the case this week.

I’m a pretty disciplined reader of the Wall Street Journal.  It’s not that I don’t want to read other newspapers, but I only have so much time, need to read it for my profession anyway, and can get a liberal prospective from any other media outlet at any time.  Sometimes, it helps to read the Journal editorials just so that I know I’m not crazy.

I’ve been following the interesting events lately surrounding the current economic pounding the country is getting.  I’ve commented quite frequently on this site about my disappointment with Congress and …

Government Intervention

One of the reasons the Dow Industrials index rose 936 points and the broader indices rose more than 11% in one day was because on a global scale governments decided to inject capital into banks and financial institutions.  As I read today’s Wall Street Journal, the credit markets had become so dysfunctional that the only institution left with enough capital, or any capital for that matter, was the government.

How scary is this?  Our government has agreed to invest taxpayer dollars, in the form of preferred stock, in banks and financial institutions, healthy and unhealthy, so that order could be restored to the marketplace.

As a taxpayer, I’m not concerned because preferred stockholders are among the first to be paid in the event of a …

Critical Thinking Skills

At 6:00 this morning I was in the middle of my daily 15 minute workout routine, watching CNBC’s Squawk Box and trying to get a read on the markets.  If you’re unfamiliar with this show, it’s hosted by Joe Kernan, Becky Quick and Carl Quintinilla.  If my local cable provider would broadcast Fox Business, I’m sure I’d watch that, but as it is, I’m stuck with CNBC.

It’s your typical morning talk show, except with a business twist.  Mr. Kernan tends to be the conservative of the three and while I generally agree with his viewpoint, every once in a while I’m reminded that this is the sister network to MSNBC and NBC.  Today was my reminder.

They were discussing yesterday’s congressional hearings and testimony …

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