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American Gladiators II: A Painful Look Back…A Bright Future Ahead

The Following piece is the 2nd installment of an ongoing series here at The Conservative Reader. “American Gladiators” is a recurring feature focusing on the defining political issue of our generation: the crucial battle over Federal spending and the debt and deficit it creates.

A favorite saying of both political parties these days is that “elections have consequences”—2010 proved that so do primaries. For Republicans no past event has had a bigger impact on the eventual major players and the shape of the fiscal debate’s battlefield than the primaries preceding the 2010 mid-term elections.

Though history now, you may recall at that time an internal debate was raging amongst Republicans. Many influential Conservative thinkers, including Charles Krauthammer, joined a large number of high ranking members …


Somehow, I managed to stay awake for last night’s Presidential press conference.  Say what you will about President Obama’s communication skills–and they are considerable–he is no macro economist.

Which is a shame, because he has access to two of the brightest macro-economists of our generation:  Ben Bernanke and Larry Summers.  He should listen to them; learn from them.  They have much to teach him.  My reaction to watching the President last night is that he is clueless as to how the economy really works, and his recent historical perspective is revisionist.

First, kudos to the media.  As opposed to the first press conference, they asked him some hard, direct questions.  Unfortunately, President Obama is incapable of answering these questions in a transparent, straightforward manner, but …

Taxation and Social Responsibility

Ah, my first contribution to the Conservative Reader.  I hope my effort is worthy of this site.  I hope I can remember my training from last night.  I hope I don’t come off sounding like a fool, or worse yet, like a pompas ass, but then again, how would anyone know the difference.

In the March 17, 2008 edition of Fortune, Geoff Colvin described a situation that is rearing it’s ugly head and that no one wants to talk about.  The subject was Medicare and in the opinion of many, including Alan Greenspan, this one issue will do more to negatively impact the American economy than the current credit crisis, than the war in Iraq, than $100 a barrel oil, than the trade …

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