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In the Age of the Selfish Voter

In the Age of the Selfish Voter

In a Representative Democracy, voting for a particular political candidate or philosophy is the most impactful way a citizenry can change their country.  While the “who” a person votes for is what actively shapes a Republic, digging into the motivation behind that...

And Then There Were Four…And Then There Were Two

In the week leading up to the South Carolina Primary the headline became—and then there were four.   Following the results of Saturday’s vote, it is becoming increasingly clear that the headline going forward will be—and then there were two. At the heart of the...
In the Age of the Selfish Voter

Caucus Experience

This year was my fourth caucus.  The first time was probably 16 or 20 years ago.  The second time was four years ago, and I got involved in serious party work as a result.  Two years ago I chaired our precinct caucus (after being heavily involved in the planning for...
In the Age of the Selfish Voter

Iowa Sighs With Relief!

On the whole, politically involved Iowans take their First-In-The-Nation moniker seriously.  But even the most engaged activists have to join with the rest of the state in saying “Thank goodness that’s over!”. And truly only because being first comes...

Live Caucus Results

If a map of Iowa does not appear below, please click here. Map and data provided courtesy of Google and the Republican Party of Iowa.
In the Age of the Selfish Voter

Iowa Caucus Results Available Tonight At TCR

We will have results of tonight’s caucus available here at The Conservative Reader as soon as the information is available from the Republican Party of Iowa.  We will have a Google map setup showing the results in near-real time as results are tabulated starting...
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