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Mr. Nygaard is a Managing Director with Atticus Advisers, a marketing consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Of Projects and Plans

How could it be that less than 20% of Americans think that “government is working?” It would seem more projectable, (given our grand political divide) that roughly a third of us would always be happy with our government, another third deeply discouraged, and the last third deciding on their “governmental happiness equation” on a day-to-day basis. But that is hardly our current state.  Effectively, no one is pleased with Washington. And most of us, for all our native temperance, are downright angry.

How did we get here?

The seemingly obvious answer to the question is a function of our experienced pain. When we hurt, we want someone to blame. Given the high profile of the Federal Government, they have become the natural target. The current …

Partisanship, Policies and Principles

Just when we come to understand that we have some really large challenges, the President has once again come to the rescue with a blindingly simple and universal solution. In another salvific and timely act, Doctor Obama has done a diagnostic assessment of our situation and simultaneously declared a potential and far-reaching remedy. When all was precariously close to being lost, another ray of hope shines upon us. Hallelujah let the good times roll.

Apparently, the sickness that is our current economic situation can be solved if we can just do a little operation on the organ he calls “partisanship.” If we just improve our diet with a few more peas, and have some non-invasive partisanship surgery, we can resume our normal schedule in the …

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