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 (The following is a guest writer contribution from Chad Brown)

Unfortunately, Paul Rosenberg of Aljazeera has assaulted the Republican Party in print.  On September 6, 2012, Aljazeera published an inflammatory article, The Racist Nature of the Republican Party’s Most Effective Lies. Without getting into this piece of propaganda, Aljazeera makes the argument that Republicans’ favor of welfare reform is a racist policy. Aljazeera author, Paul Rosenberg, must not know the majority of those on welfare are Caucasian.  Conservatives tend to favor welfare recipients having to work. What is racist about having to work in order to receive checks? I have personally never heard anyone argue that only certain racists should be treated differently. Here is what conservatives believe, and let’s not be fooled by the demagogues of Aljazeera.

I think of all the recent immigrants from Sudan, Cambodia, Mexico, and so many other countries from around the world.  They come here to participate in the American Dream. Economic reasons are the reasons why people come to the United States.  Many move to the United States to escape persecution by their own governments that restrict freedoms and often harm their own people.

The conservative movement admires and respects immigrants from all races for coming to the United States in the same way all of our ancestors did. We admire immigrants for working and living within the laws and for paying their taxes. Conservatives want and need them as Republicans, or at least voting for conservatives, to save our Country the same way we have tried to defend them and their own countries in so many cases, from overreaching, destructive governments.

Conservative candidates tend to offer the message of less restriction to freedom. This is the movement that is best suited for those who are new to the United States.  The conservative movement needs the support of all races, and we welcome all races and ethnicities to join us.  Racism is used as a weapon to slur the conservative movement. There is no racism here, and Aljazeera is inappropriate to print such blatant and deceptive lies.

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