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As regards Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as a running mate, I tend to agree with David’s initial reax; “Bring it on”. I look forward to the VP debates, which should be the highlight of the campaign for me. As Ace said on Twitter, the other day,

Let’s face it, no one picks Joe Biden for his brains. They pick him for his ability to casually insult different races without consequence.


The VP debate will be a blood bath. Aside from the fact that Biden has the IQ of the average horse dropping, there’s a 27 year gap between Ryan and Biden. That’s the largest in 108 years, for VP candidates. I wonder if in the target rich environment that Obama /Biden presents, if this age difference will even come up, but it does seem a cultural curiosity. And certainly, the difference in smarts will… and has already, if we are to take the resounding approval we see from the American voters. Romney garnered something on the order of $3.5MUSD in campaign cash, in the 24 hours after the announcement.

Speaking for myself, I must admit, that my first and enduring reaction, is that the ticket is upside down…. Ryan would be more effective at shrinking government, as President than Romney left to his own devices will ever be. Ryan is in fact more presidential than his running mate. Of course, that was also my reax at Palin as a pick.

That said, I’ve been saying all along that this election will not be about how good Romney is, but how bad Obama is.

As a recent example, Axlerod on just today saying of the Romney/Ryan economic plan: “This is a prescription for economic catastrophe.” Which, of course would be downright laughable, if it weren’t so tragic, given what Obama and his enablers like Axlerod said would work … and is “working fine”. The more this administration does, the worse things get. Because, dear reader, the only trick in their bag is growing government.

As with Palin, what we have with Ryan is someone who understands what Reagan meant when he said government isn’t the solution, but the PROBLEM. As such, Ryan, clearly, has the ability to argue these points forcefully and convincingly. That can only be a plus, however, if the Romney campaign is willing to stand up and be counted as conservative.

The question seems to me open as to how seriously Romney and the remainder of the GOP leadership take that point, today.

As a measurement of that, watch with me to see if the GOP will make the same mistake with Ryan as they did with Palin; Muzzling him in an effort to appease the left, which is masquerading as “the center”. Again, speaking for myself in the suspicion that a Reagan-sized majority agrees with me, I will say my support for Romney/Ryan will be established if they do not muzzle Ryan, if they do not ignore the message the public support of Ryan shows.

Seems to me that Reagan won the center in large numbers… not by leaning left so as to look centrist but by standing up unapologetically for what he believed in.. unabashed conservatism. The left and the supposed “center” saw Reagan’s 30% tax cut, for example, as a loser. History records that their dislike didn’t stop the November landslide that swept Reagan into office. Now, we see the likes of laughable leftists like Candy Crowley, Andrea Mitchell, Brainless EJ Dionne, and Stink Progress, the NEA, MoveOn, Daily Kos, all expressing their dislike for Ryan. I’m reminded the press and the usual suspects on the left didn’t much like Reagan, either.

Ponder with me for a moment, the success of candidates these folks DO like. McCain, for example….who aimed at the mythical center. The aforementioned Mitchell, Crowley and Dionne LIKED McCain. That campaign, the GOP and McCain, got their backsides handed them, and demonstrated clearly the path not to tread.

I wonder, has the GOP learned that lesson? Our country and it’s further existence depends on it.


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