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Brian NygaardToday we introduce our newest writer at The Conservative Reader, Brian Nygaard.  Brian and his wife Mary live in San Rafael, California. – Ed.

As the Healthcare debate in Congress was drawing to a close, Americans were asking themselves “Why can’t we seem to make any progress on the healthcare issue?”  We watch in disbelieving awe as we observe nothing getting done over seemingly very long periods of time.  We covet answers, but our perception is that what we are receiving from Washington is just gridlock and petty partisan politics.  We cannot even agree on such a simple notion as the need for the portability of individual insurance coverage.  Amazing, isn’t it?  It looks like a mess, and it is.  But it is a mess for reasons completely separated from the issue of healthcare.  The problem with the healthcare issue is that the issue has never been about healthcare, or insurance companies, or patient’s rights, or universal coverage.

Over the course of our American history, a small number of windows of opportunity have presented themselves to the radical leftists amongst us.  Andrew Jackson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama have occupied the White House at these seldom-recurring junctures.  They were times of fear, and unfortunately, fear creates an uneasy interest in flight.  When we are afraid, the fear-emotion overwhelms us and we look for a solution to relieve our pain: any solution.  Desperation takes over, and we respond.  And it is in those periods of desperation (and exasperation) that the radical left can seek to gain a further foothold.  The leftists understand better than anyone the ratchet-effect that is the creation of a new “government trough.”  Once the trough is created and filled, it is very hard for a democracy to remove the trough.  They, the elitist liberals, recognize that supplicants are rendered slaves, and that is clearly what they desire…a larger group of slaves.

Whether we are talking about healthcare, or school vouchers, or corporate taxation, the issue is never “the issue.”  The issue is always about “who controls what.”  And the liberals don’t care what it is they are controlling.  They view their strategy consistent with that of the famous labor leader, Samuel Gompers, who summarized the role of unions as “more.” Just more control by Washington.  This is a statement of quantification with no interest in the qualitative aspects of the issue.  The qualitative is simply not applicable to their view of what it is we are attempting to accomplish.  Herein lies the great disconnect.  When it appears that the Democrats are talking in nonsensical terms, that would be true, but only if the discussion were viewed in a normal qualitative light.  And that is what almost all of us do without even thinking about it.  On the other hand, when viewed through the lens of “more” their comments make complete sense – at least to themselves.  If the means towards the goal of “more” requires fabrication of the truth, then so be it.  We wonder out loud how they cannot see why people are so mad at them for their willingness to stoop to any level of disingenuous behavior to meet their ends.  But through their own eyes, they can see it no differently.  They are blinded by the power of “more.”  When we leave out factors relating to quality and think only in terms of quantity, we fall into the same old utilitarian and non-human trap that has existed since Cain killed Abel.  That was a quality issue then too.

The good news about the simplicity of “more” is that it makes no sense to any of us.  The power of the intellectual elite to misunderstand the abilities of common sense is now once again very evident.   As they are “uncommon” by self-proclamation, they have become “neurobehaviorally challenged.”   Who they are comes to trump any actual thought that would be of value in answering any of the critical questions.

So now I must correct an earlier error.  The healthcare issue is really about healthcare.  It is about the mental health, or lack thereof, of the political left.  The disease is called “morism.”  The symptoms are first prevarication, then obfuscation, then insanity (the current phase), and then death.  I guess the solution to our healthcare issues are truly a healthcare issue after all.

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