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Hidden among the flurry of activity of the last few weeks is the Congressional Budget Office estimate that future deficits will be a cumulative whopping $9 trillion.  The number itself is almost staggering; astounding; outrageous.

The same day this figure was announced, President Obama announced that he is renominating Ben Bernanke to a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Two days later, Senator Edward Kennedy passed away.  This was fortuitous for the President, because no one has been able to hold him accountable for this number.

The cumulative future deficits are irresponsible.  And, it makes for an easy campaign for any Conservative worth his or her salt.  President Obama is a typical “tax and spend” liberal.  Anyone who voted for these deficits can be tagged similarly.  People are worried, and the government appears to unconcerned.  Fiscal responsibilty is the hallmark of what it means to be conservative.  I can’t wait for the next election cycle!

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