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BitHead provides an excellent featured piece on this important day.  Please read it… you’ll be glad you did.

This is a day that brings together the best of who we are as a secular nation, and the best of who we are as servants of God.

Though we struggle in our thought of independence to the extent that many outwardly disdain acknowledgment of God, as a whole (and to a greater extent historically) we still find ourselves taking the time to recognize that we have a good life here in the United States.  That Providence (if we see it as such) has delivered us to the most blessed time of human intellect, engineering and liberty, is undeniable in my opinion.

Which leads us to explaining this: Thanksgiving doesn’t really mean much if you don’t know WHO should be thanked for what you are thankful for.  Being thankful is wasted without someone to receive the thankfulness, and when it comes to the blessings of life and liberty we experience here in America, we can thank those that have made it possible over the centuries to guarantee our liberty through their sacrifice in fighting for us, and to the God who has brought events and people both brave and honorable to be participants in those events.

And what’s worth being thankful for?  What you’re thankful for tells you what your priorities are.

  • Faith.
  • Family.
  • Liberty.
  • Opportunity.

Those are mine.

Enjoy the day, and take the time to thank the God that made you and has blessed you!

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