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If you need them, free voter tools and endorsement information are in the center sidebar.  We want to help you out today as much as possible.

The numbers are not completely up to date yet, but it looks like over 30 million Americans have voted in early balloting (up through November 3) for this election.  That’s almost 25% of the total votes cast in 2004!  Depending on how and when different states are counting these ballots, Tuesday and Wednesday could be an interesting time… and I doubt that exit polling will have the same level of predictability it had in years past.


It’s awesome to see the power of the people brought to bare… the results are certainly unpredictable, but that’s part of the beauty and ultimately the intended process.  Everyone has done everything they can and should to promote their parties, their candidates, their positions, and today everyone (who hasn’t already yet) gets to execute one of their most important rights and responsibilities: their vote.

Today is your day.  We’ve done enough here at TCR along with other blogs, media, debates, discussions at work, in front of your house with neighbors, on the phone, door-to-door, town halls, etc.  Now is the time to take all that and make it worth all that effort: cast your ballot, cast it based on what you think is right.

Stop back here tonight and tomorrow as we monitor the results across the country and begin to analyze what the results mean for the future.

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