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Early state-by-state voting numbers are available at this link.  For Iowa, we have already had nearly 340,000 votes cast this year.  In 2004, there were a total of 1,521,966 votes cast, which means we’ve already seen over 20% of the 2004 total voting in the early polls!  That is awesome, and again speaks to the likelihood that the numbers will likely be even higher than 2004 when the dust settles.

Out of the early numbers, registered Democrats make up 48.9% of the votes, and registered Republicans make up 28.5 (the 22.7% are independent).  That does NOT mean that Obama has 49% of the vote in the early polls!

There was TV ad put together by some Hollywood heavyweights that, regardless of the political leanings they may espouse, delivers a message we should all support: every vote counts.  Don’t let yourself be taken in by any of the polling results, don’t consider any particular race as unimportant… be fully engaged in the electoral process so your can be counted.

I liked what Will Smith said: “My father told me that if you don’t vote, then you had to shut up”.  Your voice is one of millions, but an important part of those millions.

If you don’t know where to vote, click here to find your polling place. Many states do allow same day registration now, but anything you can do to be registered before November 4 will help yourself and others.

So do it.  Vote.

Hat Tip: Sister Toldjah.

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