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The biggest fraud in this election appears to be the use of polling numbers to disorient and discourage (mostly) Republican voters.

How many times have you heard three or four different sets of polling results in for the same state in the same time period?  Keep an eye on the organizations providing the information.  I doubt that any partisan organization is going to avoid showing numbers favorable to their candidate, but the largely liberal media is clearly having a heyday pushing numbers that just don’t add up.  Even this week here in Iowa, polling supposedly puts Obama 12 to 13 points ahead of McCain.

So why was Obama planning to come to Iowa this week?  (that trip was canceled after suspending his campaign to spend time with his “very ill” grandmother)  There’s no reason to come to Iowa if he’s really 12 points ahead… he’s got better places to be.

Because this supposed double-digit lead is a farce.  Both campaigns have their own polling, which is likely more accurate, and both know that the race is critically tight here in Iowa.  In Pennsylvania, Bithead tells us that the numbers are clearly skewed as sampling is not appropriately spread across that state.  I’ve never trusted polls, especially when a race is as close as this one is.

But as long as the media keeps pushing these bogus numbers, many people will succumb to the following:

  1. Discouragement.  “It’s not even worth voting if we’re not going to make it”.  Don’t listen to this lie.
  2. Inferiority.  “Maybe if so many people are voting for Obama, they must be right”.  Yeah, same goes if they all start jumping off bridges too, right?
  3. Vain glory.  “I want to win, and that means voting for the winner”.  It’s not about you, it’s about our country (I fell into this trap as a youth).

Although I support McCain, I want you to vote for whomever you think, after as much careful research and sole searching you can muster, is best for our country.  But don’t give in to these deceptions, and don’t allow the media to manipulate you with polling numbers.  They are NOT a justification for how to vote.  They should be a motivation to make sure you DO vote!

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