Presidential Debate 2: The Town Hall

We’ll be live blogging here tonight beginning at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. If we have difficulties with the tool again, we will revert to using comments instead. We look forward to your input!

Update: Once again, CoverItLive has failed us. Please click to the comments page for this post to follow the live blogging, and feel free to participate!

The debate is complete, we’re done blogging for the evening!  Read the comments if you’re interested in our thoughts!

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  1. Art Smith | Oct 7, 2008 at 9:44 pm | Reply

    Overall a good, tame, even handed debate. Nothing dramatically new. Who wins is really a matter of your political position in my opinion.

    For the uncommitted, it’s becoming for some a matter of form… CBS interviewed a few uncommitted voters, one of whom said he is now committed to Obama because he felt Obama presented himself well.
    Couric pressed the question of how the group took the comment that McCain made about the 2005 bill that provided extra money for oil companies, and the fact that Obama voted for it and he voted against it. The group seemed to feel the way the comment was present by McCain was disrespectful. At Couric’s prompting, that is.
    Have a good night!

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