Biden loses Obama the Catholic vote

I’ve often wondered how Catholics could elect Democrats in the last 40 years or so. That would seem to have been rendered a moot point this cycle, as Gerald Warner observes:

Missed it by THAT MUCH

Missed it by THAT MUCH

Remember, you read it here first: on September 11 this blog reported a mounting backlash from Catholic bishops against Biden, Barack Obama’s “Catholic” pro-abortion running mate. At that time I estimated eight bishops had come out to denounce Biden; the total is now 55. Beyond that, Biden is being trashed across every state of the Union by Catholic newspapers, TV and radio stations, and blogs. It is a tsunami of rejection.

The story has now hit the secular media. Last Saturday Time magazine asked: “Does Biden Have a Catholic Problem?” By Wednesday the issue had moved onto the front page of the New York Times. Joe the Jinx has blown it, big time. Biden has only himself to blame: he started this war, with his notoriously undisciplined mouth. He knew the dangers. Last August, Archbishop Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of St Louis and now Prefect of the Apostolic Segnatura in Rome, said communion should be denied to pro-abortion politicians “until they have reformed their lives”.

Now, how important is this?

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There are 47 million Catholic voters in the United States. One quarter of all registered voters are Catholics. At every presidential election in the past 30 years the Catholic vote has gone to the winning candidate, except for Al Gore in 2000. This year 41 per cent of Catholics are independents – up from 30 per cent in 2004

My take here is that Obama is in serious trouble… Biden has already cost him more in independants than he could have possibly gotten out of Biden’s reinforcement of the Democrat party base.

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