It’s Official, And It’s Good! Sarah Palin!

McCain-Palin CampaignYou know that I’ve more or less kept myself out of the brush on the VP nominations of both parties. As the level of media and blog speculation turned itself up to a glass-breaking pitch, it made no sense to me to eviscerate my commentary with idle and tiresome speculation. Too many possibilities, too much already being said.

That said, I would refer you to my comments from May 14th of this year. At that time, there was a survey done of US Senators to see who would be interested in being a VP candidate. In my comments that day, I proposed this approach (although I have no delusions that McCain referred to my comments in making this decision):

What I think will make a lot more sense is to look at the stable of current and former state Governors for some practical balance… and preferably solid conservatives. Bob Ray from Iowa comes to mind, but I suspect he’d say “No” and would prefer to enjoy his retirement. Schwarzenegger, while not the most conservative candidate, would likely provide a significant boost of support, perhaps even from California… but he can’t thanks to the 12th Amendment. Sarah Palin from Alaska. Mitch Daniels. How about someone from the South like Mark Sanford or Haley Barbour?

Read up on Sarah’s background at wikipedia. I think you’ll find that the information there is very helpful in understand her history, her positions, her motivation. I’m deeply impressed in her vigorous work as Governor to ensure there is integrity in Alaskan government. This will be a huge asset to the campaign and the work that will need to be done over the next four years.

Sarah PalinPalin is pro-life, she is Roman Catholic, supports oil drilling in Alaska, and although there are some things that give the appearance that she may hold some more liberal social positions, I think that they actually demonstrate the kind of empathy and thoughtfulness that is dreadfully lacking in the Conservative world today. Careful reading will also show that she was put into a corner on some issues by the state Supreme Court.

Sarah is a strong conservative voice with the kind of integrity that matches McCain’s, and that we need to bring a reasoned discourse to the American People. She has made dramatic changes in government for the better as a mayor and governor and will certainly bring a vigor to this campaign that has been lacking.

So, I’m very enthused about this choice and will be able to go out with greater confidence in encouraging people to look hard at John McCain, who has made such an excellent choice for a Vice-Presidential running mate, and consider this team the only choice for America!

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