The Obama Nomination

Well, it’s official.  Barack Obama is now the first African American (am I supposed to still say that, or am I supposed to say “black” now?  I can’t get this Political Correctness down right it seems) to be nominated by a major party for President, as long as you don’t include Warren Harding, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and Calvin Coolidge.

Oh, that list surprised you?  If so, you may want to watch this video:


Regardless of whether the information in the video is true of not, Obama certainly IS the first person to receive the presidential nomination of a major party BECAUSE he is African American.

I am, in one regard, happy to see a person of color nominated.  Witnessing an historic event of this nature is certainly breathtaking.  I will also be happy the day a woman is nominated.  Any perception that walls or ceilings preventing any member of our society from becoming President needs to be crushed.

And getting past these historic milestones will also allow our country, which seems to have lost its aggregate mind, to get its focus back (if it ever was) on electing people for better reasons than: skin-color, gender, ethnicity, religion, age or Kennedy-ness.

Maybe we can move on to electing people because they will represent the interests and opinions of our country effectively.  Or because they will defend our people and the Constitution.  Or because they are interested in seeing the country prosper.

Barack Obama is not the right person to lead our country.  There is no evidence whatsoever that he has ever done anything effective in his political career.  A Coke and a smile are not going to do the hard job of addressing the current ills facing us and creating a strategy for long-term growth in our economy.

John McCain has what is needed to work toward the right policies to cut spending, protect our borders, stimulate our economy, finish the work in Iraq, eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, and keep our liberties safe from the growing solicialist mindset that is infiltrating the Democratic party.

Congratulations, Barack.  Don’t start measuring for drapes just yet.

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