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Don Hagen has published  a unique questionnaire that provides us all with the ability to identify where we fall in the political spectrum.  There are 179 scientifically balanced questions that, once scored, will provide a clear assessment of your true political position.

I’d love to see results for Obama and McCain.

Okay, before I give you the link, let’s get something clear.  For those of you who take yourselves way too seriously (you know who you are), the questionaire is SATIRE.  That means it’s pupose is to provide a humorous view on some aspect of reality.  It’s intended to be funny, often using hyperbole or irony to make a humorous point.

WARNING: You should not use this test to actually determine what your party affiliation is!  Doing so may cause some Democrats to believe they are Communists, or Conservatives to believe they are actually Libertarians!  If you require actual assistance in understanding what your real political affiliation is, please email me at: [email protected].

WARNING: Do not read this questionnaire while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.  Doing so may lead to injury, property damage, or death.

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Although I’m one who tends to take himself too seriously, this has been my best read in August!  Don did an excellent job!

So, here’s the link: The Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test.  Enjoy!

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