US House GOP Members Continue Fight To End Vacation

Allahpundit over at Hot Air brings us news that Republicans in the US House, who staged a dramatic protest Friday over the closing of business in Congress for a month while the Energy issue sits languishing, plan to continue this effort anew on Monday.  From House Republican Leader John Boehner’s office :

Washington, Aug 3 – House Republicans will be back on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives again Monday to continue the unprecedented protest that began last Friday, when dozens of Republicans joined hundreds of American citizens on the House floor to protest Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) decision to send Congress home for the rest of the summer without a vote on legislation to lower gas prices and move America toward energy independence.

In an urgent memo sent to GOP Members and staff Saturday (“A Call to Action on American Energy”), Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) hailed Friday’s action, which was led by Reps. Mike Pence (R-IN), Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), Tom Price (R-GA), and others, and encouraged House Republicans to return to the Capitol beginning Monday morning to help keep the historic effort going.

“It’s not a request we make lightly.  But the American people are suffering,” Boehner and Blunt said in the memo.  “The consequences of continued congressional inaction on gas prices are unacceptable.  We’ve called on the Speaker to call Congress back into an emergency session this month and schedule a vote on the American Energy Act.  We must continue to make a stand until the Speaker complies.”

“We realize not everyone can be in Washington next week.  But if you can be, we ask that you come to the Capitol, join our colleagues, and lend your voice, beginning this Monday at 10:00 am,” the GOP leaders wrote.  “If you can’t be in Washington, we ask that you contribute to the cause in other ways – such as spreading the word among your constituents, writing an op-ed for your local newspaper, or taking our ‘all of the above’ energy message to your local airwaves.”

“Republicans stand with the American people.  We share their passion and determination for energy independence, and we’ve pledged to fight boldly until Congress heeds their will,” Boehner and Blunt concluded.

It’s encouraging to see our Republican representatives take this fight seriously.  It’s time we all let our representatives to Congress know we expect better.  My comments at Hot Air:

Pelosi and her ilk are either extremely uneducated or lying without remorse. To continue to repeat the stupidity that oil/gas prices are only impacted the immediate availability of oil for delivery is insane and rejects basics of commodity economics that are well known. As mentioned by Michael in MI above, we’ve already seen a huge impact on these prices after Bush rescinded the presidential ban on off-shore drilling, even though that action was immediately criticized as useless because it would not actually make any new oil available without action by Congress. And yet, oil has dropped $25 a barrel since then, and the Dems just keep acting as if there must be some other explanation for the price drop because if they admit it had an impact, the pressure on them will become relentless.
Every one of us has 3 congresswomen/men. We need to keep their feet to the fire on this, and make sure they know we will have a long memory. I’ve emailed all three of mine recently (in an encouraging way) and the next one’s gonna be a little more aggressive.
The point is, we need to keep the topic going in the blogosphere, but we need to ensure we all are taking real action as well. Contact your representatives in Congress today!!!

Go to Representatives Link and Senators Link to contact your congresswomen/men.  This is serious business, and will require everyone’s action to get Congress moving in the right direction.

Update: Fixing link.

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