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From the GateWay Pundit:

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New information reveals that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was indirectly sending messages to the FARC. The Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is designated as a terrorist group by the US government. Speaker Pelosi was doing this while at the same time she refused to bring a free trade agreement with Colombia up for a vote in the US House. In fact, Pelosi took extraordinary steps to block this trade agreement with America’s closest ally in South America.

So, here we have Pelosi working with people who our government considers terrorists, and working against the elected government of Columbia, and an ally against Marxism in the region. 

Now, if you’ll recall, Pelosi was also the one who raised the issue with Armenian genocide by Turkey, as we reported here last October:

I commented the other day about this resolution about Turkey, and genocide, by suggesting that there was no way that the Democrats could be this stupid by accident, and that therefore it had to be intentional. Neal Boortz this morning addresses this one:

The resolution making its way through Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives is really starting to make some waves. What resolution? That would be the one condemning the Ottoman Empire for the massacre of Armenians almost 100 years ago. The Ottoman Empire of then would be the Turkey of now … and the Turks are less than thrilled with this resolution.

So .. why the big rush to get this resolution passed right NOW? Aren’t there more important things for the congress to attend to? Have they passed all of the budgets they are required to pass? Oops … don’t think so! But maybe there is a reason that Pelosi and the MoveOn Democrats are pushing this issue right now. Maybe they’re trying to make Turkey so damned mad at us that they’ll withdraw permission for our military to use their airbases and airspace in the war against Islamic fascism. Maybe, as Thomas Sowell puts it, this is pure and simple Sabotage.

This never crossed my mind … but it seems it occurred to Jed Babbin. Is Pelosi backing this Armenian resolution thing as a way to derail our war effort in Iraq? Would she resort to something this underhanded? Why HELL YES she would!

It’s the only logical reason for the push , frankly, to get this passed. This kind of thing was more or less my concern when we started arguing, back before the midterm elections, about the effects of “balanced government”. I was told, by my detractors at the time, that a Congress so hobbled would not be able to do any major damage. And it’s right enough, that this is not a major bill, it’s a nonbinding resolution. Yet, who can argue that this nonbinding resolution’s passage will not be damaging to United States foreign policy, and therefore the world?

At the bottom line, what we have here is the Democrats still struggling mightily to aid in the defeat of the United States, and it’s allies. last I knew, that was called “treason”.

Indeed, in both cases, what we have here is treason.

It’s important to remember this is the house leadership, we’re talking about here. This, in particular, is the woman who told us she’d drain the swamp.

In the first case, Pelosi’s obvious intent was to prevent supplies from getting to our troups. Not only without that supply line was the surge going to fail, but they’d get their wish of “Getting” George Bush, and then also have a leg up in the general election.  Forget, of course that soldiers ahve a tendency to die for no reason when they don’t have the supplies they need. Apparently that doesn’t matter as much as the next election.

In the second case, we have Pelosi working for terrorists who happen to lean left. Forget they’re terrorists, of course.

Again, this is the House Leadership we’re talking about here.

Now, go ahead, folks… tell me again how the charges I laid out against Schumer Friday… crashing a bank and tossing a lot of mortgage holders into jeapardy, and costing the government billions of dollars… all for the purpose of getting a political leg up for the Democrats… is such a stretch.

Well, of course it should be said here (indeed, perhaps it goes without saying) that because these are Democrats, they’ll never face charges… the press will never touch this stuff… as they clearly would if a Republican were doing these things. But now, YOU know.

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