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It seems strange to be writing in this space again after what seems like an lengthy hiatus.  Two weeks of vacation, followed by a week of catching up.  And, as a result, admittedly out of touch.

Barack’s puzzled?  Who knew?  He seems so confident, so, shall I dare say it, full of hope!  So vacuous!

McCain’s moderate positions compromise him.  While he claims to be an agent of compromise, the reality is he’s the one being compromised.  But at least I know that and in November, when I have to choose, I’ll choose what I know as opposed to what I don’t.  And Obama scares me.

The news lately is mostly bad.  The stock markets appear to be in freefall.  Oil and gasoline are setting records daily.  On Tuesday, the price of oil fell $5 and the Dow soared 150 points and I was foolish enough to think that maybe the economic malaise that is setting in upon our great country was over, that perhaps it was just an illusion.  But Wednesday and Thursday brought more negative news, and the conventional media are too happy to exploit it in an effort to support the Messiah (as Rush Limbaugh calls him).

Here’s why I’m glad to be a conservative.  In a time of so much uncertainty, I know where I stand.  I listen to liberal friends and, of course, the media, and they are just so confused.  But I know where I stand.  And I know, that deep down inside, this too shall pass.  That the price of oil and gasoline will eventually normalize, that the economy will again grow robustly, that true conservatism will once again shine forth as the light it is and give people real hope.  But as a Catholic priest once said at an Easter Sunday Service in suburban Buffalo years ago, “You can’t have Easter Sunday without experiencing Good Friday”.  And maybe this is America’s Good Friday.

This is still the greatest country in the world.  People still die trying to get in.  No one dies trying to get out.  The left bashes it, but where else can they bash their country and not be suppressed.  Our constitution guarantees the freedom to express their opinion, however misguided it may be.  And that’s what makes this country great…

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