We All Need A Little Catch Up

I’m still getting caught up on things political. Like, Laura Ingraham is now doing a weekly show on Fox called “Just In”. I have yet to see it, but if you’re a fan of her radio program, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Speaking of Laura’s radio show, evidently she’s in the middle of some kind of contract thing with her network. There’s a lot of squawking here and there (I got an email saying she’s being shut down). However, Laura says everything is okay, and she’ll be back on the radio soon enough. Sit tight folks.

The Associated Press has been nice enough to drag a number of bloggers through the mud… so far, The Conservative Reader has kept below the radar… it helps that we’re not quite as popular as some other sites. My friend Bit is taking a stand and not going to reference any more AP material. I’m still on the fence on this… on the one hand, I agree with Bit’s approach: if AP doesn’t want their stories and opinions heard, maybe we should oblige them. On the other hand, what they produce is readily available on thousands of outlets… by shutting off AP we shut off a lot of their customers as well… and we may limit the overall conversation. I know Bit would say that’s AP’s fault and problem. I still need to work it out for myself. I will say I won’t be paying AP for content, so I’m already pushing myself in the same direction.

It’s early, so I suspect someone will need to start keeping score. Obama has already broken one campaign pledge be declining the public funding program, which means he can raise and spend as much as he wants, while McCain will stay within the $84 Million limit. I think McCain hit it on the nose: not a broken pledge to McCain so much as to the American People. It’s even more interesting to see the heat that BO is taking from those in the media from whom he needs to maintain support. The New York Times gave him, not a blasting, but a harsher response than I expected. Politico ran good coverage on the response from print editors. Obama will be the first candidate from a major party to decline public funding since its inception. This will alone will make the race wildly different than races of the past 32 years.

Congress passed FISA after all! And with immunity for the telcos. The only thing is, Obama has already stated that when he becomes president, he’ll do everything he can to remove the telco protections. The telco thing just makes me want to scream. What is the point of passing a law like this, and then saying that if the telco does what the government legally asks it to do, that they should be open to being sued? Either it’s okay or it’s not. This just doesn’t make sense, and if Obama gets in, it sounds like his mission will be to turn our world completely upside down, between this and pulling out of Iraq and shutting down our nuclear weapons systems.

Maybe instead of catching up, I should have focused on some other natural disasters like my New York Mets.

Thousands of Hat Tips, but at least to BitsBlog, Sister Toldjah, Politico, BetaNews.

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