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If you don’t see any other posts for a day or two, it’s just that our internet access is down. We had some kind of outage that should be repaired sometime Monday, but it might be Tuesday before you see anything substantive. Sorry about that. (had to use a public wifi to upload this post)

Probably the result of the storms that rolled through Iowa this weekend. We were actually out of town (in Omaha) most of the weekend, so we missed the stuff that hit Des Moines. However, we still ended up in the basement in Omaha Sunday morning when a tornado hit Omaha.

Quite a bit of flooding around the state. Some areas (including Des Moines) are expecting river crests close to 1993 levels. Mason City, Iowa, shut down their water works due to flooding similar to what occurred to Des Moines in ’93. They’re working on some possible short-term solutions to deliver non-drinking water through the system.

Meanwhile, parts of Des Moines are covered with water and some roads are closed. As we drove back to Des Moines today, we noticed a couple of spots on interstate 80 (in western Iowa) that appear like they could rise up to the roadbed with a few more feet.

Talk about a crazy year. I thought this being an election year was bad enough! We’ll probably all be glad when 2008 is over.

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