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McGehee sent me an email today from Marshalltown, Iowa and said they had a rough night, including losing power at the hotel.  I was up late last night watching the storms run into the Marshalltown area, and suspected they had trouble.  He said he hoped today would be better.

Just as we’re trying to get to sleep tonight, the sirens go off here in Des Moines, dragging us up out of bed into the basement.

A tornado was detected on radar northwest of us and tracked east to northeast, so not much risk of hitting us.  Shortly after it there was a sighting as well.

Now we’re just getting a lot of lightning and thunder… one strike was somewhere in our neighborhood… hopefully no one hurt.  Last year we had a strike next door and the neighbor’s house caught fire and burned down.

Bad news is, this system will probably get to Marshalltown in the next couple of hours.

Well, we’ll try to get back to sleep even with the rain and thunder.

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