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Today is the day we decide who will represent our parties for non-Presidential offices.  Where I live (West Des Moines, Iowa District 3) we have only one race that matters for Republicans today (US Senate seat, to run against Tom Harkin… 3 candidates in the Primary: Steve Rathje, Christopher Reed, and George Eichhorn), and I believe that Democrats have just one, where the District 3 US House incumbent Leonard Boswell is being challenged by fellow Democrat Ed Fallon.

When my wife and I went to vote at noon today, I was disappointed to see only 25 people had voted before us today in our precinct.  We had well over 400 people show up for the Caucus in January.

Other states holding primaries today for non-Presidential office include:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Montana (also holding Presidential primary at the same time)
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico (also holding Republican Presidential primary)

South Dakota is holding their Presidential primary today, as well as Montana (mentioned above).

I can’t say much more at this point except that I want to encourage everyone in these states to get out and vote.  It may seem less important, but the offices we are running primaries for are actually (I believe) significantly more important than the office of President.  These are the people that do all the real work across the country and make a difference to each of us day to day.  How we drive these offices has a huge impact… they are your first point of contact, your representatives, they stand for you in the halls of legislation and administration.

Go vote.  Make a difference.

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