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Michelle ParkerDes Moines local news personality Michelle Parker, 52, died today. The cause of death has been stated to be heart failure, but I expect we will hear more in the next few days.

Michelle worked at KCCI-TV, the number 1 news station here in Des Moines, for 29 years. She covered a variety of news beats, and earned the respect and love of Central Iowans as well as her coworkers and peers. She was a trusted voice, and I would say most people in Des Moines considered her to be a friend.

It was extremely touching to see the members of KCCI’s staff respond to this tragic event, and my heart goes out to them.

Michelle leaves behind a sister.

Update: Michelle was remembered as being extremely compassionate and generous, always positive and upbeat. Also, Friday she and Kortney Kintzer of KCCI won an a first place AP award in “general reporting” for a story they had done about a soldier returning from Iraq last yerar. Her last story is being aired tonight (Sunday) night at the end of the newscast.

Update 2: Added photo and links to KCCI page about Michelle.

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