You mean my tank of gas isn’t dear departed Dino?

Says Billy Beck:

“Yet in recent years Russia has quietly become the world’s top producer of oil, in part by drilling wells as deep as 40,000 feet — far below the graveyards of T-Rex and his Mesozoic buddies.”

No matter what else about this Motor Trend item, if that’s a fact, then how does the biogenic theory of oil square it?

The answer is, obviously, that it CAN’T.

And it’s interesting to note that the abiogenic theory has been accepted in Russia for years… which is perhaps part of the reason they’re having more success of late. Well, that and they don’t have the Enviro-whackos preventing them from drilling where the oil is.

I’ll tell you this, Billy, we’ve seen so much garbage of late about ‘peak oil, and other such energy gloom and doom… most of it pure speculation. And to prove it, the next time you hear someone talking to you about how short we are on crude oil, get them to explain to you the abiologic theory. I’ll guarantee you, they’ve never heard of it, most of them. .. thus proving that they’re not as knowledgeable about energy and our future as they claim…. and that thereby their claims about energy calamity, and what they want to do about it, should be checked carefully for maggots.


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