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John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has an interesting interview up with Will Breazeale, who is an Iraqi vet running for Congress. In the interview, Breazeale tells an interesting story regarding Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer;

“I was a protocol officer for a 3 star general on my second deployment to the Middle-East and sure enough, here comes Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid in the door for their briefing before they go to see soldiers. And they got so frustrated from their lack of knowledge of military operations, like the acronyms we use or even what an up armored Humvee was, between level 2 or 3 armor, that they got frustrated, got up in the middle of this briefing with Lt. General Whitcomb, commander of Third Army, and left in disgust. And I said, “who are these people to do that?”

Go and read.
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