Who Cares What Clintons Earned?

I hate to say this, but I’m not all that worked up about any of Hillary Clinton’s (or any other politician’s) hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy is unbecoming, and it may even raise some question of character (although I’m not sure how exactly), but it’s really empty criticism.  On it’s own, it might make a good argument for discussing the topic that the hypocrisy is focused on, but as a means of fomenting disfavor, I prefer to find more substantive methods.

Bill and Hillary make a lot of money.  Good for them.  I do not begrudge them a dime (as long as they are paying their taxes properly).  How much more hypocritical are we in the conservative camp, who generally believe that all should be able to earn as much as their work is valued, who believe all should be able to keep all of their money with the government getting no more than its fair share, who believe that those who earn more should not be looked down upon nor up to simply because of their income, that would condemn the Clintons for earning what they have.  We should rather celebrate the fact that the Clintons and other free Americans are able to succeed and enjoy the riches of their success unencumbered by a neo-socialist agenda bent on taking all but the amount needed to survive each day and squander the funds taken on those that chose to underachieve.

And Hillary is likely to suffer some amount of disfavor from those on the left that somehow think she and Bill should have given more to charity (they gave less than 10% over the last several years) or more to help build the pride of some Americans (I don’t know how, but Michelle Obama could maybe help with that one), or just done a few more speeches for free, but it is their right to earn and spend their money as they see fit, and we should not be judges of that.  Although we can probably all think of ways that we think the Clintons could positively impress us with acts of charity or otherwise, let’s allow the Democrats to do that and let’s stay on the high road.

Let’s talk about things that really reflect on Hillary’s ability to lead this country.  Let’s stick to things that really matter instead of taking our attention off of:



Lack of Foreign Policy Skills (Hillary’s words… you read them and decide)

Lack of Integrity

Lack of Economic Skills

Lack of Language Skills

Strong Socialist Leanings

Let’s focus on issues, and Hillary and Barack’s positions and take them apart one by one… let’s give credit where it’s due (there won’t be much), but let’s show point by point where the agenda breaks down… we all know it’s mostly due to short-term thinking, but make the case.

So, starting Monday, we’ll begin looking at each policy/issue point on each Candidate’s agenda using content from their web sites along with any other information we may have access to.  Let’s see where it takes us.

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