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As Sister Toldjah so eloquently put it, we thank the members of our armed services, their families, and their employers. We can never show you the appreciation you truly deserve, and we can never make up for the cost in your personal sacrifice, the sacrifice your families have endured, the challenges of returning to civilian life (for those in the Reserves/National Guard).  I too have family in Iraq, and can understand some of the stress you and your families are experiencing.

And we will never be able to replace the nearly 4,000 American lives lost. I will always be grateful to those that have died for my freedom, and I pray for the families who have lost loved ones in this conflict. You will always have our deepest sympathy and compassion.

As I’ve said before, all of these people are my friends, who are willing to die to for me and my freedom.  I will honor you whenever I see you.  Thank you for honoring us all!

To a successful mission, and may you all come home soon!

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