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This special Swamp Stomper Alert is cross-posted from The Dread Pundit Bluto.

The Jawa Report and The Dread Pundit Bluto declare war on the jihad forum that recently brought you “Does this bomb vest make me look fat?” and “Beheading Suspected Supporters of the Afghan Government is fun“. The forum is run by Taliban supporters in Pakistan, but its membership is a mixed group of Salafi e-jihadis and infidel fellow travelers who support anyone willing to kill an American.

We call upon all able bodied patriots to complain to the American service providers that allow this forum to operate. Service providers should be e-mailed, called, or faxed until they agree to stop facilitating the enemies of the United States of America.

The forum features at least two videos which clearly violate the webhost’s Terms of Service (TOS) and arguably U.S. and International Law. A gruesome “exclusive” Lee-Media Taliban beheading video, images from which are too graphic to post here but which can be referenced at: Lee-Media: Taliban Behead Three “Spies”. A second graphic video which begins with a Taliban terrorist being outfitted with a suicide vest; not shown on the short clip posted is the Taliban homicide bomber blowing up a vehicle.

In addition, the site routinely encourages the murder of civilians and the killing of U.S., NATO, Coalition, & Russian troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Chechnya. It also distributes al Qaeda propaganda.

The full details of the forum are at Internet Haganah. Highlights:

Description: Dedicated to the distribution or re-distribution of high-quality jihadi recruiting videos, with a particular focus on subtitling videos to make them accessible to audiences of expatriate Muslims living in Western countries (for example from Urdu to English, or Arabic to Turkish). This network is notable for the considerable effort they have made from the very beginning to hide their existence. They obviously have not succeeded, but we give them an “A” for effort….

Membership: By invitation only, so there are no “innocent” members and no deniability for the administrators. Core members are known to scour other, better known sites for talent which they then recruit to the LEE Network.

More details here.

lee_media_network_banner.jpgAnother specialty of the group is uploading Taliban murder videos which are sold in Pakistan’s tribal areas but not officially released on the internet. They have become the de facto distribution network for Taliban propaganda not officially produced by the group’s central Shura Council.

Frames from the video can be found here and might be sent to webhosts as evidence of what happens behind Lee-Media’s closed forum doors. This suicide vest video can also be used. Service providers can also be directed to the Internet Haganah’s detailed analysis of Lee-Media here.

Please, we need your help on this one. Spread the word and encourage every one you know to complain to the service providers listed below. In any letter or conversation you have with these service providers please let them know that Lee-Media violates the TOS (terms of service), encourages acts of violence against U.S. troops, and encourages terrorism.

Several service providers for Lee Media, many of which are in Burlington, MA, and seem to be companies owned or operated by Endurance International Group. =

Host/Registrar: Endurance International Group (Shared webhosting)
Burlington, MA
Contact: [email protected]
(866) 642-4678

Domain Admin:
Burlington, MA
Contact: [email protected]; [email protected]
(877) 476-9932

DNS/Registrar: Tucows, Inc.
Ontario, CA
Contact: [email protected]
[email protected]
Form contact.

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