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… by announcing he won’t run for President.

What a non-announcement.  I think I should probably announce that I’m not running for president as well.  How about you?  Have you announced yet?

Bloomberg said in a New York Times op-ed piece, titled “I’m Not Running for President, but …,” that he has listened carefully to those who encouraged him to make a bid for the White House but that he is not and will not be a candidate for president.

I know he’s an independent, but what can he really add?  He’s always living in Giuliani’s shadow, and running for president would be one more example of that.

Oh well, nice of him to let us know.

And I appreciate the update from my locale TV station (KCCI),  but did they really need to send a “Breaking News Alert” to my email box for this?  Oh yeah, you should have seen Super Tuesday.

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