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Two news items that I saw on the news shows this evening that I find very interesting and would like to read what other people who saw the same think about them.

Firstly, I saw and heard shock radio jock Bill Cunningham say not too flattering things about Obama during a rally for McCain. Cunningham used Obama’s middle name Hussein during his rant. To be sure, McCain never what Cunningham uttered about BO. When Senator McCain completed his event, he was briefed by staffers about what Billy boy had said about Obama and possible negative backlash.

Senator McCain wasted no time in getting back on the stage and repudiating Billy boy. McCain took full responsibility and promised that it will never happen again.  I applaud the Senator for his quick and emphatic action. He showed me that he was going to win or lose the election the right way. To you Billy boy I say only in Cinncinati  will you have the bully pulpit that allows you to act so irresponsibly. Please go to a McCain rally in Chicago and say those things.

The second news item was Hillary chiding Obama for his campaign’s distribution of unflattering literature about her stand on various issues. Her stand on those issues have been proven to be true by the news media so there is no misrepresentation here. Rather than take full responsibility for her bad behaviour over the weekend, after all she told Obama “shame on you for…….”, she attributed her bad behaviour to being “hot under the collar”. Mrs Clinton, you are running for public office and you will not win it this time if the polls remain as consistent as they have been in the eleven races in a row that you have lost. Losing the race this time around should not cause you to lose future contests. People remembering how you behaved as a loser will. Remember, elephants never forget.    

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