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Ed Morrissey raises an interesting point from a Chris Matthews interview of Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (an Obama supporter) last night.  When asked directly, repeatedly, about Obama’s legislative accomplishments (which would be key information to understanding what the candidate will do in the future), Watson comes up empty.  All he brought with him was talking points.

Captain Ed’s point on this was that Obama doesn’t have any real history to point to that would help us know what he will do as President.  What’s more telling to me is the fact that the American Electorate has gotten very comfortable with talking points, debate snippets, and political ads (not to mention the “not the other guy” syndrome) to make their choices in the ballot box.  I wouldn’t fear this so much if it were just about the Presidency, but this model is almost certainly how our nation is electing people at all levels of government, where the real work happens.  That scares me.

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