Has Harry Had It?

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Chris Bowers, all around Knuckle-Dragger, is busy spreading rumors that Harry Reid is to resign as Majority leader.

OK, in reality, I don’t trust this at all… given his inability to admit failure, I see no reason for him to give up his position, just now. And Bowers, for all his bluster is not exactly the most reliable source. So the question becomes why would the rumor be coming from the left, just now? My take is that we’re dealing with wishful thinking on the part of leftists who see the long string of what the Democrats would regard as failures behind the man, and who are lothe to identify them as such.

Of course, the other possiblity is that he’s considering trying for a job in a Democrat administration.

Give them Tax hikes, Harry

Perhaps that’s why he’d be quitting: People have started to notice? Anyway, McQ over at Q&O also notes the story, and wonders who will replace Reid.

Again, I don’t trust this one, yet, but now you know what I know on this.

Well, it can’t be because he’s about to reveal some moral failure… more likely the party is asking him nicely to step down so that Democrats can start looking like a party people would actually want to vote for instead of the fractured mess they are drooling in right now.

Hat Tip to Bitsblog.

Update: There’s a first.  I didn’t give this post a title like I should have.

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