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I’m trying to avoid the whole Baseball/Steroids thing.  As Listener stated recently, I don’t know if Congress needs to insert itself so deeply into this… seems like they have better things to be doing with their time and our money.

That said, Roger Clemens seems to be putting himself into a corner, and if he really did the drugs, he needs to just come out and say so for the sake of the game (and to get the Senate focused on other business… oh wait, hmmm, not sure now).  Seriously, the longer we have to suffer through this, the more baseball gets a bad name, and kids lose their respect for the players and the game.

More importantly, the Baseball Owners and Players need to get this issue put to bed once and for all.  This shouldn’t be hard.  Make rules that make sense.  Let’s forget the past under a system that was a total mess.  Let’s decide whether the primary objective of the sport is to make money or play the game.

Since I can’t watch enough games due to blackout rules, I really don’t care which way they go, but either way they need to fix the drug mess and put it to bed for good.  We already proved once before (during the bleak player’s strike) that we can live without baseball, but frankly I’d rather watch a ball game than any more reruns of “Everybody Love Raymond”.  I’m becoming more convinced that the best way for me to do that, since I live in a minor league city anyway, is just buy season tickets to the AAA team and forget about the MLB.

Funny thing is, I’m sure that if they make the game the priority, they’ll make just as much money anyway.  Some people think that it’s all about the power hitters, but frankly, it’s about playing a good game.  I watch the Mets fall apart last season because they stayed so focused on making the “big plays”, they stop playing good solid ball.  I really thought the mid-season coaching changes were going to fix that, but they didn’t.

It’s like this everywhere, business, government, politics.  Everyone thinks they have to make a big play to be successful, but the fact is people just need to consistently do the right things, make the right choices, keep the players moving.  Once in a while you need and get a big play, but if you try to do that all the time, you get exhausted OR hooked on drugs.

And since this may be my only baseball post this year, PLEASE drop the blackout restrictions!

Someone buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack.

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