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Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not ready to go all in with McCain, and I think there’s a lot of ground to cover and issues to discuss before we’re ready for November.  However, Gais posted quotes from Hugh Hewitt at and Bryan at Hot Air regarding some reasons to consider sticking it out with McCain regardless of some very strong issues.  I think you should go to Blue Crab Boulevard and read Gais’ thoughts and then stroll over to the sources.

Bithead also shared more of his thoughts today… whoever the nominee is (they all got issues), they need to show they can be trusted.  That means consistency and good solid reasoning behind opinions… get past the talking points and provide good support for positions.  That’s a tough sell for McCain.

I still support taking an interactive approach within the Party.  I recognize that McCain is going to be an unacceptable solution for some, and as a result, the Republican Party becomes equally unacceptable.  My opinion is that we should stay in the game and fight as hard as we can within the party to achieve what our (apparently) minority position can achieve.  As a minority we still hold sway, the problem being that using the sway simply means we get the (real) Democrats in office, and the Republican party ends up holding none of our ideals.  I prefer taking the party that aligns closest to me (and yes, Bit, I agree there was a time long ago when the Dems actually did that), and doing everything I can to influence the party to steer into the right direction even if the captain is lost.  Within the convention process, the  Congressional Election process, and working with Party officials and our Representatives in Congress, whatever we do (whether supporting or opposing the party), we should NOT be silent… we should extend our voices as far as we can!

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