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It’s been a busy day in politics…

John Edwards has apparently been paying attention to our suggestions. He has decided to drop out of the race leaving no endorsement (yet).  Any bets on who that helps?

Rudy Giuliani also has departed, providing an endorsement to John McCain. Nice.  Most people seem to agree that McCain is not as conservative as Romney, just like the Easter Bunny isn’t as real as Santa Claus (most people can at least say they’ve had a conversation with Santa, not with the Bunny).  Hucklebee is apparently the only one waiting for an official invitation to leave (Ron Paul hasn’t spent all his money yet, so we may be stuck with him longer than Nader).

Speaking of Ralph Nader, it sounds like he’s ready to enter the race now as the leader of the “we don’t know what we want” party (WDKWWWP).  He needs $10 Million in donations to convince him to run. Come on, America!  Cough up a few bucks!  I figure if Ron Paul runs and sucks off some of the Republicans votes, and Nader runs and sucks off some of the Democratic votes, it might all balance back out to a fair fight, no?  Seriously, Nader’s presence will help propel a long-standing tradition of making the Dems and Pubs look great in comparison.

Back to the almost-conservatives, I also see (according to Jonathan Martin at Politico) where both McCain and Romney have been invited by NBC to appear on Meet the Press this Sunday for a “final debate” before Super Tuesday with moderator-for-life Tim  Russert… only MCain said “no”.  Sounds like he’s chicken.  I don’t blame him, Romney’s likely to pull out all the stops (he looks quite a bit younger than McCain, and that’s gotta hurt) and Tim, well, Tim can’t resist picking on every contradiction in the lives of his guests.  I’d love to see an exchange like this some time:

Guest: Tim, now that you’ve made me look like a complete fool in front of ten or eleven Americans this morning, I’d like to ask you a question.

Tim: [looks pensively at his producer] Well, …

Guest: Tim, on several occasions you’ve been heard challenging various politicians regarding their views on Health Care.

Tim: That’s my job, and I think I do it well.

Guest: What I think people would like to understand is, with such a strong health related agenda, why you are apparently rather overweight?

Tim: I think you’re applying a mea…

Guest: Now just a minute, Tim.  With rigid criticisms of both the left and t…

Tim: You’re taking this out of…

Guest: Please let me finish.

Tim: We’re talking about agenda versus…

Guest: Tim, I really need you to let me finish.  Rigid criticisms of both the left and the right regarding policies in supporting the needs of health services for the poor, unnecessary services for Medicare patients, challenging even the lifestyles of politicians yet your own example does not help promote a sense of healthy lifestyle choices to Americans whom you have contact with almost every weekend.  How can America take your challenging the political elite week in and week out seriously when you clearly have not addressed your own inner demons?

Tim: [another glance at the producer] I think we’re ready for a break.

Tim, we love ya!

John, stop being a wuss!  Real Americans don’t run away from challenges!  Of course, they hit the mat tonight in a debate on CNN, but I don’t think they’re getting as much attention tonight as they would on Sunday morning.

Hat tip to memeorandum.  McGehee has a nice, concise assessment of “why not McCain“. Blue Crab Boulevard is commenting on Edwards. Sister Toldjah comments on Edwards, Rudy, and tonights GOP debate.  BitHead is rambling on much of this as well.  There’s also Michelle Malkin and Gateway Pundit, both commenting on tonight’s debate.

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