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I’m going to keep it simple.  Bush did a great job.  Clear well thought-out plans to address a number of our country’s current issues.  I’m sorry, and I know they’re paid to be Democrats and all, but do the Democrats had to act like they were just barely putting up with his presence?  Hillary looked like she was miserable.  Obama looked thoughtful (kind of like how Kennedy looked, except Ted looked like he was thinking about gas).   My opinion is that Congress needs to work with Bush on the recommendations he made for education, health care, military funding, elimination of earmarks, and holding down taxes.

What I really don’t get is, why the pathetic Democratic response?  Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas, had nothing concrete to say.  No real response to the issues, just a call to work together, a call to “join us”, no issues with the speech, no agenda except “let’s work together, let’s go green, let’s fix the economy, let’s get America better international respect”.  No path to achieve any of this. 

One thought, is that the Sebelius speech might be a ploy to position the Democratic Presidential nominee to present their agenda with specifics without being limited by this speech.  Or, maybe the Democrats got nothing. 

The text of the speech can be found at the Drudge Report.  Thanks to Gateway Pundit for providing that link.

Get some rest… tomorrow is the Florida Primary.  Woo-hoo!

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