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John Edwards sought the Presidency in 2004 campaign. He lost the Democratic nomination to Senator John Kerry and accepted Kerry’s offer to join him on the ticket as the veep.

About a month or so ago, John Kerry chose to endorse Senator Barack Obama rather than give the nod to his former running mate. If this slight, a combination of punches to his gut, his cojones and his teeth,  was not enough to knock him out of the race, Barack Obama has landed the final punch.

In last Saturday’s South Carolina primary, Barack Obama gave Edwards a beat down. In Edwards’ own backyard, no less. Edwards lost the race, no better yet, Obama won by a three to one margin.

When Edwards finished second to Obama in the Iowa caucus, he proclaimed that the Democratic race was down to to people:  himself and Obama. Since then, he has finished in third place in every race.

Maybe he didn’t bet his candidacy on the results from his home state but when the folks who know you very well tell you you are not the best person to hand the reins to, take the hint and go home.

South Carolina voted for Mr. Edwards to be their Senator but denied him the chance to become a potential presidential candidate.  

Please Mr Edwards save yourself some embarassment. Fold your tent and go home because the picnic is over.

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