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I’m just a bit annoyed and disappointed this morning.  I’ve been plugging around the blog-s-phere hoping to see some good solid belly-aching about what Clinton is trying to get away with, and all I’m finding (probably 95% — of the comments, not the blog articles) is discussion about how maybe we should take a look at this, maybe Hillary’s right, maybe the DNC made a mistake and we need to correct it by going along with Hillary.  Where is the outrage?  Why aren’t we all incensed by this?   At the PoliGazette, Dan Pawson hit it out of the park in his article titled Cheater, which he closes with:

Anyone really up for four years of this deceit?

So, I read through the comments, and it’s all a bunch of dribble and silliness about how this is an “interesting move by Clinton”, and what the DNC should do to re-enfranchise the Michigan and Florida voters.  Dan even tries to get the conversation on track by posting a comment of his own and pointing out the real issue now is Hillary’s behavior, but to no avail.  Some people in the discussion did actually get it, but for the most part it was a classic case of ignoring the blatantly awful behavior of a Clinton.  I posted my own comment:

I find it utterly amusing, strike that, amazing, that we can have a calm discussion about the pros and cons, the interestingness of this topic as if we’re discussing the color of carpet for the living room. What in the world are we teaching our children if we think this topic has so many shades of gray that we think it might actually be okay for a candidate for President to make such an outlandish suggestion? I’m deathly afraid that the Clintons could deny the Jewish Holocaust and we’d all be discussing the credibility of the historical record and evidence instead of standing up and shouting “WE WON’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!”
This behavior is similar to what we can expect from Clinton judges and administration. If the rules or the evidence don’t fit what you want, change ’em, ignore ’em, convince enough people that they’re just wrong.
In business (especially banking), we have a word for this: manipulation. And it’s illegal. As in, if you try to do it, you can go to jail. Don’t we want everyone to understand that?
People who do this lack something important that many of us cherish: integrity.
We spent several years wringing our hands over the “character” issue to no avail, and this just demonstrates what that’s all about. Our children need to understand this, but they won’t if we don’t understand it.

Somebody, please, somebody show me some outrage!  If you don’t Hillary’s gonna get away with it, as usual.

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