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January 20, 2009, we will be inaugurating a new President. Only 1 candidate truly really reflects a true conservative point of view, and that’s Fred Thompson.

That said, here’s where we are. Still somewhat early in the process, but here’s the thing. Thompson has not yet won in any state, currently holding 5 delegates. As of today, my hope is that Thompson would continue as long as the funds are available, and until Super Tuesday. Several important things to consider: Thompson still has a chance, he is the only one bringing a real conservative message to the table. We need the message to stay in front of people even if we end up with someone other than Thompson. As BitHead said today, we may very well need the Dems to take a term, but people need to know what they’re missing.

Keep in mind that in several states, even though Thompson did not “win”, there’s still opportunity to pick up delegates if things work out right.

I’m a little discouraged, however, that the fundraising banner has been dropped from Fred’s website. Hopefully, we’ll get a clear message from the man in the next 24 hours.

Let’s keep talking about the issues, let’s keep putting the conservative agenda in front of people, never stop.

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